CCSF Pre-Tax Commuter
Benefits Program



Save between 25 and 40% on your transit and vanpool expenses through pre-tax deductions. You save because the money you use to pay for your commute is deducted from your paycheck before taxes are taken out. San Francisco commuters typically save between $200 and $1,000 a year.

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The great thing about the CCSF Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits Program is that it covers just about every possible way you can travel to and from work, such as riding the bus, light rail, regional rail, streetcar, trolley, subway or ferry. It can also include your parking expenses if you park at a BART or Caltrain station as part of your commute.


You have complete control over the amount of money deducted from your paycheck, and can change or cancel your monthly deductions at any time. Your pre-tax money can be used to pay for expenses on all major Bay Area transit lines.

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As a CCSF employee, you are also eligible for the following programs:

Have further questions about the other transportation programs? Contact CommuteSmart, an initiative of the San Francisco Department of the Environment, at

REFUND POLICY: Federal regulations generally prohibit any refund of pre-tax dollars that an employee has elected to have deducted from his or her wages and used to pay for transit, vanpool or parking charges. Excess or unused pre-tax dollars must be used to pay for future transit passes, vanpool charges or parking fees or you forfeit the money. All debit card balances and vouchers must be used before the expiration specified on the card or voucher or the date specified by the program administrator, WageWorks.

How to Sign Up for Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits


    To enroll in the Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits Program, you must first make an account with WageWorks. For that, you will need your City issued employee ID number, which is the last four digits of your DSW number located on the back of your City ID badge.

    Need help registering with WageWorks and creating an online account? View the Registration Guide for a step by step process. You can also access FAQs for any additional enrollment support.

    *If you already have an account with WageWorks, you are a Returning User.


    To log in to your WageWorks account,
    you will need the username and password you created when you enrolled.

    If you have trouble logging in, go to "Username/Password Help" below or contact WageWorks Customer Service
    at 1-855-428-0446.

    Username/Password Help

    *If you do not have an account
    with WageWorks and would like to
    enroll, you are a First Time User.

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