Spend It and Claim It Web Guide

for Health Care and Dependent Care Plan Participants

10 Common Eligible Items You Can Purchase Without a Prescription

Keeping fit and on top of your game isn't easy, or cheap. Whether you're nursing a sore ankle or trying to extend the life of your contact lenses, every little bit of savings can make a big difference. That's where a health care benefit like a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can help. Luckily, many of the most popular eligible items don't require a doctor's prescription, so you can pick them up when you need them. For your reference, 10 of the more common non-prescription eligible items purchased are listed below.

  1. Band-Aid Bandages or Flexible Fabric Adhesive Bandages
  2. SPF-15 and above Sunscreen
  3. Air-activated Heat Wraps
  4. Cooling Headache Pads
  5. Digital Thermometers
  6. First Aid Kits
  7. Contact Lens Solution
  8. Instant Cold Compresses
  9. Ankle Brace
  10. Reading Glasses